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Room 4 & Room 5
In the Pre-School unit we continue to implement the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. A balance of adult led and child initiated learning opportunities are available throughout the day. Incorporating each area of development we create a learning rich environment both inside and out, so children can access each area of development regardless of being indoors or out. 
The children's independence skills are more evident and they are encouraged to use those skills more and to be helpful towards others in the group. Children begin to show more interest in a shared play e.g. imaginative play, games and construction, which helps children to learn social skills like sharing, negotiating and co-operation. As children become more confident - knowing what they can do, and realising their ability to try new things we continue to provide learning opportunities to foster their emerging skills.
Nursery To School Transition
The term before children go on to school.we hold a 'school group' within the nursery , welcome teachers from the local schools into the nursery to ease the transition. The aim of the school group is to prepare them for their move to school. We aim for children to go into school being enthusiastic and motivated learners to stand them in good stead throughout their school career. 
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