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Room 2 & Room 3
We have 2 toddler rooms with bright and spacious play areas with a large natural outdoor area.
As the children are now a little older they are beginning to become more self aware. As their own personality develops they begin to explore their own emotions - expressing them in some creative ways. We provide a diverse range of learning opportunities for the children to explore including, natural sensory play materials, heuristic play, baby science and treasure baskets. A safe and interesting environment, with age appropriate resources helps children to develop curiosity, co-ordination and physical ability.
As the children progress and are able to communicate more through language, they begin to show more of an understanding about 'social boundaries'. We encourage a greater sense of independence through simple activities such as learning to wash their hands, wipe their noses and use a knife and fork as children learn to respect themselves as individuals. An emphasis is put on group interaction to promote social skills. Children's interests are taken into account and we extend their learning by providing activities that children find motivating.
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