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We are open from 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday and also offer a breakfast club from 7.30am every morning. We close the nursery for 4 weeks of the year, 1 week at Easter, 1 week at Christmas and 2 weeks in August. You do not pay for the 4 weeks that the nursery is closed. Payment is required for the remaining Bank Holidays and for any other holidays you may choose to take. By closing the nursery for 4 weeks we are able to carry out maintenance projects, keep continuity of care for the children by not requiring supply staff and to keep our team refreshed and motivated.
We are empathetic to the needs of our working parents and endeavour to provide care for the children at all times. Nevertheless children must be excluded from the nursery in the case of contagious infections until a clear period of 48 hours has elapsed.
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